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【Special seminar】Founded in LA, California.

“Deepens Children’s thinking and delivers the full potential of children” The most-advanced education.

–Theoretical and Practical learning approach for the future children living in the 21st century.


※The seminar will be in English with Japanese translation

Seminar A: Theory:Understanding Constructivism

Seminar C:Reflection Meetings, Long-term investigations

For the future, what kind of learning should the children recieve?

Is it the learning to teach children knowledge and accumulate their information?

Thinking that “Children knows nothing and they need to be protected”.

Or is it the learning that respect and support children to deepen their thinking proactively?

By taking them as “someone who is continuously learning since the moment they were born

The purpose of this seminar is to share the most-advanced overseas educational approach of

“deepening children’s thinking and bring out their potential”

and to bring practical tips for children’s learning at schools or home.

★★About the seminar★★

①Practical learning by a school founder who has been in the field for over 35 years in a prominent preschool in LA. Early childhood educational researchers from all over the world visit the preschool, founded by Alise Shafer Ivey. She is also a well-known lecturer who holds seminars around the world and gains great popularity. The theoretical approach based on the accumulation of practice and scientific point of view will bring a new point of view for the participants in Japan. This project is the only opportunity to learn from Alise in Japan.

②It will support you how to practice in each field after the seminar.

There will be feedbacks from the instructor. After the seminar, everyone will submit a report about the interactions with children at your place (school, home, etc). Also, we will provide opportunities to deepen the learned theory. Feedback to your report will be given directly from Alise.

③It is an environment where you can learn together with people from different backgrounds.

Ambitious people from all over Japan will participate this seminar. Let’s understand how to acquire knowledge and critical thinking skill required for 21st century education with fellows with various viewpoints, such as educators, parents, researchers, and etc. Participants are eligible to communicate through FB and can share their concerns and reflections of their practice.

◇Instructor: Alise Shafer Ivey 

Alise is the Executive Director of the Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles and the founder and former director of

Evergreen Community School. She has worked with schools throughout the US and abroad including China, New Zealand,Nepal, Israel, Peru, Australia and Korea. She is a frequent lecturer on early childhood education, and has taught Child Development at both UCLA Extension and Santa Monica College. She is a contributing author in the book, Teaching and Learning: Collaborative Exploration of the Reggio Emilia Approach(published in 2001 by Prentice Hall), and a TEDx Sunset Park speaker(2012).

講師:Alise Shafer Ivey

Message from the instructor.

Rediscover the world through the fresh and open eyes of the children.

Open your door to have a real connection with children and to grow their creativity.

This lecture and workshop will help teachers to explore more effectively the listed things below:


・Rediscovers children’s “wonders”

・Attract children to higher level of thinking

・Nurture the disposition that stays with children forever

・Prepare children for the changing world

◇About Evergreen Community School.

Evergreen community school is recognized worldwide as a leader in progressive education which is located in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and it was established in 1984. The school has been building and practicing its own approach for over 35 years, by taking into the account the world’s leading education, such as Reggio Emilia. What is important about the approach is “To stay close to children’s curiosity, and help them to develop their creativity, tenacity, and the ability to create good questions to obtain the learning attitude needed in the 21st century. Also, as it says “Community” in the name of the school, they play a leading role in teacher training not only in their school, but also in schools around Santa Monica to improve the quality of local education.

Concrete approach.


① Cycle of Theory Repair. (By modifying your own hypothesis through experience and talking with peers, they will have better understanding and knowledge)
② Doubting and Believing. (Questioning and believing)


Target: Early childhood educators, educators, parents, researchers/people who are interested in new learning.

Capacity: Maximum 50 people in each seminar.

Tuition: ¥39,000 for each seminar. (if you take seminar A once, you can retake seminar A for ¥10,000)

Organizer: Kodomo Edu, NPO Kodomo Kyoiku Rikkoku Platform


【Session A】 “Theory: Understanding Social Constructivism”

 Date: 2019, June 29th, 30th  (Saturday, Sunday)

 Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (1 hour lunch break) (Both days)

・Reflective teaching

・Image of the child

・Skills and dispositions

・Knowing and thinking

・Doubting and believing


【Session C】Reflection Meetings, Long-term investigations

 Date: 2019, December 7th, 8th (Saturday, Sunday)

 Time: 9:00am to 4:30 pm (1 hour lunch break) (Both days)

・Recognizing, sustaining and provoking long term investigations

 •  Supporting children as they reflect on their own experiences

 •  Using reflection meetings to help children move through a cycle of theory repair




This seminar consists 4 sessions, A, B, C, and D. Each session is 2 days. At the end of each session, you will receive a portfolio that contains what you have learned. By working on it, you will have better understanding on how this approach affects children and your own teaching. Please practice what you have learned at your school after every session. After you submit the portfolio, Alise will review and comment on it. Those who completed all the sessions A to D and all portfolio will receive a certificate of completion from the instructor.

Metaphor and metacognition: Alise Shafer Ivey at TEDxSunsetPark
Metaphor and Metacognition: the mind when pushed to invention Alise is the founder and director of Evergreen Community School in Santa Monica, California. Her work with children over the last 30 years sheds light on not only how children think, but also explores the ways in which the thinking of children generates, illuminates, and inspires dialogue and creativity in adults. Recognizing children as vital contributors to culture, Alise shares how children's unfettered perceptions have the power to jump-start the adult mind with refreshing and novel points of view.
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